Crazyflie - simulation scale off?

Hi, I have been playing around with the Crazyflie and the browser-based Droneblocks app and it works like a treat!
Amazing that it uses bluetooth (no dongle needed), and can even connect to one of the several Crazyflies that are powered on!

I have noticed just a small issue with scaling:
By default, the Crazyflie starts at the top of the desk, and the z coordinate is about 200 cm. And the desk itself is about 200 cm times 250 cm. So everything works, but seems unrealistic… It seems like if I divided the dimensions by 1 inch (2.54 cm) the scale would be correct… So this is likely tied to using metric units…

Also, I would have some feature suggestions:

  1. I operate the Crazyflie inside the Lighthouse system, which has a limited tracking volume. It would be great to have a virtual fence (and virtual ceiling) in the simulation so you can make sure the Crazyflie stays within the tracking volume.

  2. It seems the Crazyflie is now controlled with relative commands. However, I have noticed that with higher flight speeds, even if my flight path returns to the same spot, the Crazyflie will drift away. I am using absolute positioning system (the Lighthouse), so this is not related to position estimation issue… It would be great to control the Crazyflie in absolute commands in the background, such that it does not drift away…

  3. We will soon test this out in a classroom, but I am a bit afraid students will connect to Crazyflies of their mates. It would be great to (somehow) enable each student to only connect to a particular Crazyflie.

But these are just minor points and I really enjoy the App the way it is already now!