DroneBlocks Simulator from Python

I rediscovered this:

The page (dates to Dec. 2021) has this link on it:


If you click on the link I do get a page to appear:

The Get Drone Simulator key doesn’t do anything for me in my browser.

The bottom line is: can I control the simulator via Python or Javascript still, and if so how?

I guess this is the old simulator (v1)?

If there are updated docs on this and this controlling the simulated Tello is still possible, please let me know.


OK, I followed the instructions to allow insecure content and then the Get Simulator key did in fact produce a key string to save.

So I guess this may work still. I will investigate further tomorrow.

Can I use packetsender to interact with the simulator? I have used packetsender for a real Tello. I guess I need to use the simulator key as a header of some sort? Where would I declare that if this is in fact possible.


Glad you got the python simulator working. We need to make the process easier. Unfortunately it’s not currently compatible with Packet Sender as it uses an mqtt broker. It may be something we can look at in the future.