Greetings from Barcelona!


My name is Arnau and I am a current PhD. student and researcher. In fact, as I mentioned in a YT comment, I just started my PhD in my university, which allows me access to a GO1 EDU. My lines of research are mainly on energy exploration strategies (saving and optimization), considering as well multi robot collaboration (which I don’t know how I will play that out with one robot for now).

Unfortunately, I do not come from a robotics MSc, hence all my experience with ROS is with gazebo simulations and not real robots yet. I’ve played a little bit with the GO1 but less that I wanted to.

Came here to learn and have fun. Immediate questions I have is how to access the GO1 battery status (I think I’ve seen something here already), how to access robot sensors data (i.e. pressure sensors on the leg) and whether is possible to control the sensing to save energy (i.e. turn off GPS, comms…).

Hope I could made a short portrait of who I am and I wish to work around with you guys!

Welcome to the community and we’re glad to have you on board! I’m assuming you’re referring to this video:

and the code for the Go1 JavaScript library can be found here:

We use MQTT in this case but there are a lot of videos where we’ve shown how to use ROS. I’ve also done a fair amount of experimentation with ROS and Gazebo for Go1. I’ll work on sharing something soon.

We are researching access to other sensors, but still have a lot to figure out. Hopefully we can work together to help uncover some more interesting data.