Python programming environment for a class set of Windows 11 laptops

I’m ready to set up a Python programming environment for my students on their Windows 11 laptops. We have a typical Windows network where students sign in to the laptops with their individual user accounts. My question is: can I install a Python programming environment as an admin on each laptop that all users can use without elevated permissions? I haven’t tried yet. Just want to know before I start the process.

Install thonny
and Python libraries (in Thonny)

DroneBlocksTelloSimulator 0.0.7

droneblocks-python-utils 0.2.2

Read instruction in each library how to use them.

Hi Mikextr.

Python can be installed as the local / domain administrator as long as you use the “all users” as per Python Documentation:
Pydocs found here

The students should be able to run standard python code / scripts without needing to elevate permissions, as long as you’d not doing anything that requires permissions elevation.
For example: As python script that performs writing to a system folder would required admin permission.

Hopefully this makes sense and hopefully this information helps.

Thank you, Clinton. Your response makes sense and is helpful. Getting these laptops ready for Python programming will be one of my summer projects.

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