Tello mission pads

I have read the SDK 2.0 user guide and the mission pad user guide and I still can’t get my head around what they do or how I would use them? Has anyone used the mission pads for a class or club? Even better, does anybody have a video tutorial of them using the mission pads? What is the intention of the mission pads - are they designed as a way to introduce python coding?

We’ve used them mainly for testing and demos. In my opinion they are a neat idea, but leave a lot to be desired. I think my main complaint is that they don’t teach much regarding using the sensors for positioning. It’s more of a neat thing to have for positioning because once Tello EDU “sees” the mission pad then it now has a new coordinate system relative to the pad in sight. Then they can “jump” to other pads. I lost interest pretty quickly. If you have an interest in Python and OpenCV then in a few weeks we will be launching a course that shows how to use Aruco markers for positioning with Tello and Tello EDU. This opens up a lot of possibilities and these types of fiducial markers are used in many robotic applications. You can see a quick demo here:

Using Tello’s camera and OpenCV you can quickly detect the markers and get an idea of Tello’s position relative to the marker. You can this information to fly Tello to another marker or have it try to maintain position on an existing marker. I can share more details after we launch the course. I hope this helps!