Attaching the Databot to Tello Talent Drone

I recently started playing with the Databot, along with the Tello Talent drone. I the videos shown on the Databot site, they have show the Databot attached to a Tello EDU drone with a clip that attached to the top of the drone. You can see it here: databot™ - Video Gallery - Real Data, Real Science, Real Fun!

The Tello Talent, however has “Lego-ish” pegs on the top of the drone for the LED pack. So I raided my son’s Legos and found a 2x3 brick and some small flat plates to fit on top. I opted to use repositionable Glue Dots sheets to attach the Databot to the Lego bricks. Velcro was to loose, causing the drone to fly erratically.

If you would like more details about how to do this, please check out this SLIDESHOW.


Mark, I just went through your slideshow. Incredible work and thanks for always being so creative and thorough!

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Thank you Dennis! I enjoyed putting it together. I know there are 3d printed clips that can be used. But I just couldn’t resist a little DIY opportunity!

Thanks for sharing this Mark! If anyone is interested in the 3D printing options, check out the link below.