Controlling Tello Through Speech

This crossed my desk today:

Everyone is intrigued by ChatGPT these days. What if we worked on a project to use the Tello API to control it via speech, perhaps with ChatGPT involved as well.

I am working on a hardware controller, based on an ESP32 programmed via Arduino, that can control a Tello with gestures along with a few supplementary buttons on the Printed Circuit Board on which the ESP32 is attached. All done wirelessly using the Tello API and the Tello access point.

But voice control is even better, right?

I haven’t looked at the link yet but I have been toying around with this idea for awhile. I think the easiest way to get something going would be to handle the speech recognition on a computer with a python program and then send thew command based upon the input.

Using Python speech to text is an interesting idea. Then using the Tello API the commands can be sent to the Tello. My ESP32 controller can receive commands over PySerial and then send the commands to the Tello via the ESP32 WiFi connection. Your host computer can be still connected to the internet and maybe use the capabilities of ChatGPT integrated into the process.

I actually have accomplished this recently: Python using speech recognition, but in the cloud.
Deepgram Speech recognition.

Since you are using the cloud, the computer running the python can’t be connected to the Tello.

But, I am working on an ESP32 controller that can be connected to the computer to use Python serial and use the ESP32 WiFi to connect to the Tello.

Still in the prototyping phase of this though.