Ordered a CrazyFlie and want to be DroneBlocks ready

I ordered a Getting Started version from Bitcraze and I now see that I might need a Flowdeck as well and so I ordered that. Waiting for them to arrive.

I see the curriculum preview for the CrazyFlie bundle on DroneBlocks pages. But my list of courses in my subscription does not include a course for the CrazyFlie yet. Is that still being worked on?

I have built an ESP32 controller for the Tello and I am hoping to support the Crazyflie since the controller can use the serial port to connect to Python and then I hope to the CrazyFlie. The ESP32 controller also has Gamepad support (Xbox, PS4 and Android gamepads among others).

I would like to correspond with folks who might want to explore controller hardware as well as Droneblocks