Databot LED status when communicating

Hi, I’m working on a proof of concept of communicating with databot using Node.js. I feel like I’m close to getting something to work but am curious about the status of the LED. I’ve noticed in the Vizeey app when I connect the LED gets very bright and turns an aqua blue color. In my case when I send the configuration parameters the LED immediately turns off, almost like it’s indicating an exception.

I can tell I’m connected via bluetooth because when I first power up my databot it has the dim pulsing blue LED. When I connect it goes constant. But once again, when I send the config JSON the LED immediately goes dark. I’ll continue to experiment, but wanted to understand what dictates the LED colors?

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When the databot is in BLE mode and it’s not connected with any device then it will show a blue LED breath pattern.
On a successful BLE connection from vizee It directly sends the JSON data and now the color of the LED is set via the JSON file itself see the last part of JSON here

we can turn on or off individual LEDs along with different RGB colors can be set.

Don’t forget to send the start packet once the JSON file is sent successfully.

This is working great. I’ll share an update soon. Thanks for the info.

Hi @Dharmik

Do you know if the LEDs be changed after the start packet is sent?