Updates to databot™ Firmware, Instructions, and Libraries

Happy New Year all, a few technical updates on databot™ 2.0

  1. New firmware release, 2.15, is out and addresses IMU issues for those of you with databot version 2.1. You can tell if you have 2.1 if you have two screws in the case. If you are noticing unusual behavior with your linear acceleration readings upgrade to 2.15 to resolve.

  2. A new How-To Guide and updated Arduino Libraries are now available. Check your library manager for databot2 library 2.8.2 to get the latest updates. New how-to can be accessed here.

I am trying to update my databot.

I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and it seems to go through the steps but just as it appears to be finishing I get the following error. Any thoughts?

After running system check, I do see that I have 2.15 but I am not sure if it started that way.

My question still stands though for future updates. Can MacOS users update the databot firmware?


Is it possible to read the firmware version from the Vizeey app?

I did read that it said to use the ‘system check’ experiment in Vizeey but I dont see that.


I’ll answer my own question. Go to this url

and load the experiment from the QR code. One of the experiments is ‘System Check’.

Hi Patrick, sounds like you have found it! The firmware updater only works on Windows or Chromebooks fyi. MacOS will not cooperate. We are investigating an alternative for Mac.

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