DroneBlocks app and GoGuardian.com

We have an issue and are looking for help.
Students were using the free version of the app on their Chromebooks. As they create a DroneBlocks account, the browser tab that opens is not visible to our GoGuardinan.com network filtering and student management software. This creates a hole that students can exploit to use their Chromebook without GoGuardians safety monitoring features. As a result, our technology director has blocked the use of the app.

Has anyone experienced this?

I would like to purchase the DronBlocks software and lessons for our STEM program but I have been denied by our Tech Director until this can be resolved.

Any Ideas?

We had a similar issue reported in the past. It is not a direct issue with DroneBlocks but with the Google Authentication API. We do however have a method you can deploy via Google Admin to prevent students from accessing this workaround. If you block this URL at the device level “google.com/gmail/about” the students will no longer be able to bypass the filter, note this should not block Gmail access.


Thank you for the feedback. We are going to give it a try.

Here is what I received from my Technology Director when I pitched your solution.
“Hi Rob,
Blocking any portion of Google’s website or legitimate service is not an acceptable solution. Droneblocks would need to apply a fix or design/functionality change on their end or Google would (have) to address it on theirs.”

Your thoughts?