Droneblocks App install

Our IT department at our school is having a problem with installing on school laptops through the Microsoft store and bypassing the firewalls. Is there an msi installer for the app for PC’s?

Hi, you can find it here: DroneBlocks App - Google Drive

Keep in mind the current version of the app is 1.0.5 and we’ll be updating this link when we roll out a new version in the coming weeks. Will keep you posted and I hope this helps!

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Quick question. Are you referring to the Windows Firewall or the District’s firewall?

I believe it was the windows defender. Our tech department was able to get the msi installer and we were able to install it. Thanks!

I’m curious if the tech department has the ability to install the MSI on your computers remotely or do they authorize it and you install manually?

They were able to do the install remotely, with a few exceptions. I had to send three students down to them to manually install.

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I downloaded Droneblocks from the Microsoft Store onto my windows laptop. The app appears nicely. When I attempt to “Login” to access my library of written Droneblocks programs by “Sign in with Google”, the sign in hangs at my districts “Duo Security - Two Factor Authentication”. When I try your screens " Create a New Login" when I enter in my email, it says that user is already in use. Any suggestions?

We rolled out an update today (DroneBlocks v4.1) for the Chrome app. @ryan had done some work on this. We’ll have you test when it goes live and then work to bring it over to our desktop app. Thanks for your patience.