Droneblocks in the Classroom

New to droneblocks and I would like my students to be able to use the coding apps. How do I get them started with the programs? I see the ability to pay $ for the curriculum. But I can only see the training classes. How can my students use them as well?

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Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in DroneBlocks. Drones are not only a fun and engaging tool, but their applications in education are proving to be extensive and inclusive. DroneBlocks creates opportunities for students of all ages to learn Blockly, Python, and JavaScript by programming autonomous drone missions in the classroom. DroneBlocks offers everything educators need to launch a STEAM drone program including drones, curriculum, software, and professional development.

DroneBlocks’ enterprise membership is designed specifically for institutions to provide FULL access to ALL Tello curriculum and software for up to 10 educators. The license also allows you to use our software with unlimited students. DroneBlocks curriculum is aligned to CSTA standards and recently became a STEM.org accredited Educational Experience. New lessons are added on a regular basis to our current library of over 150+ activities. Members will also be able to access DroneBlocks Tello Simulator giving you the ability to explore DroneBlocks coding without a drone or in a virtual learning environment. To view a complete list of the courses included with the license as well as sample free curriculum and preview lessons, please visit our website here.

We also offer professional development services; Our one on one sessions are available to assist educators, walk through the curriculum, and build user confidence. With the use of brain-based learning and coaching models, we create positive outcomes, where technology is used as a tool for supporting more productive and engaging STEAM learning experiences.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out any time or schedule a call with us by CLICKING HERE. CLICK HERE to download our brochure for additional details and pricing.

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