Hello from Manville, NJ

Just introduced the Tello Drones to my high school this year. I teach an introduction to VEX Robotics for the 1st semester, and then Drones for the 2nd semester. I need a curriculum map to set up my lessons for a 20-week course. I have access to the DroneBlocks curriculum, but I teach the class daily, 4 days/wk, and need to organize lessons to get me through the semester. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Welcome and thanks for sharing what you’re up to! Maybe we can help you get everything organized for the course. Are you looking to teach block coding, Python, or both?

Hi Dennis,
I was in the last webinar, I don’t know if you remember? I will teach Block coding, as this is what the students have learned from VEX Robotics in the 1st semester. I have developed introductory lessons on the applications of drones, drone safety & FAA regulations, and career opportunities in the drone industry. Then I was going to leverage the DroneBlocks curriculum videos for programming, but it would help to see a “curriculum map” so I know the steps & sequence to put this together over a 20-week semester.
–Steve Young
Manville HS, Manville, NJ

Hi Steve, I don’t think we had a chance to meet as I was unable to attend the last webinar. I’d like to help you sort through this and maybe we learn where we have potential gaps in our curriculum or marketing materials. If you go here there is a general ordering of the courses:

I’m also attaching an outline that one of my colleagues put together.

Let me know if you have any questions or feel there are areas where we need to fill any gaps. We’re listening and any insight you may have will stand to benefit other educations. Thanks!

@syoung I know I am late to this post but did you get the curriculum map put together? What state and school district are you in? I could create a curriculum map for you. I have one for Introduction to DroneBlocks for the standards here in Albany, GA(state standards that is). Just let me know.

Hi LaQata,
No, I am making my curriculum map up as I go. I am spending the first month or so doing introduction/history/safety. I will go into programming by the end of this month, probably.
Thanks for reaching out.

Ok just reach out if you need some assistance.

Well, if you said you had a Curriculum Map, that might be useful to take a look at?