Go1 js library accurate distance issue

Hello Everyone,

I’ve conducted tests on the go1-js library for the go1-edu robot, which is integral to my project that requires precise robot movement. During these tests, I employed the following commands with the go1-js library:

import { Go1, Go1Mode } from “@droneblocks/go1-js”;

async function run() {
let dog = new Go1();
await dog.goForward(0.1, 1000);
await dog.goBackward(0.1, 1000);


These commands were executed with the expectation that, by applying identical parameters for both forward and backward movements, the robot would return to its original position. However, contrary to my expectations, I noticed a significant discrepancy: the robot moves much further backward compared to its forward motion. This issue persisted across other commands, such as turning left, turning right, and moving laterally.

To establish a reference point for the robot’s starting position, I used my glasses as a marker.

Despite the expectation of equal displacement, it was evident that the robot’s backward movement substantially exceeded its forward progression, with my glasses serving as a reference point.

Could anyone provide insight into the cause of this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.