Summer Battery Health/Maintenance

What is the best practice for battery health and maintenance during the summer (non-use) months? Is it best to leave them on the charger or take them off or drain them to half full or schedule a drain down each month???

Any suggestions or resources would be welcome!


Karl, I’m not an expert in this area but do know that it’s normally recommended that Lipo batteries be stored when around 3.8V/cell. For Tello’s battery storage I’ve read that 3.8V is around 20-25% as displayed in the app. You could always measure Tello’s battery voltage with a voltmeter to get a baseline for your batteries. I definitely would not recommend storing them fully charged. Get a good flight in, land around 20%, check the voltage, and store if all looks good. More about traditional lipo storage here:

Let us know what you decide to do!