Tello EDU and RoboMaster Tello Talent "WiFi Unactive"

I wanted to share this blog post I put together after struggling with a WiFi Unactive error message and my ESP32 expansion module. It led me down many rabbit holes, but thankfully I narrowed it down to the Arduino sketch running on the expansion module. Somehow DJI is shipping many of these RoboMaster TT ESP32 expansion kits with the wrong firmware. It’s quite frustrating but hopefully this fix helps. Details can be found at the link below:

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Thanks for this note.

I have two Tello Talents and they don’t have the Wifi Unactive problem.

But I finished all of the available lessons in the sensor course and the last one of those suggests running an Arduino sketch to flash the LED on the sensor module.

If you do that, then how do you get back to the default state for the sensor module – no flashing LEDs?

Do you have to deploy the default.ino sketch? This is the solution you give in the course for the Unactive condition. Is this the standard way to recover the “out of the box” state for the sensor board?


Hello, your course video has been closed, how should I regain access to watch it!