Safe to update to latest firmware for Tello Talent?

The tello app informs me that there is new (May 2022) firmware for the Talent as well as new firmware for the expansion pack. But I can’t see how to update the expansion pack since the app mentions a Robomaster Assistant being needed and I can’t find where to get this.

First, is is safe to update the Tello firmware without updating the Expansion pack firmware? Will I be able to continue with the sensor programming course? What firmware version is Droneblocks recommending for the Talent?

Second, is there a way that Droneblocks knows about to update the Expansion pack that is based on the ESP32. I know about the default.ino project to re-store the expansion pack to it’s out of the box state but I wonder if there is more to the Expansion pack than the ESP32 firmware? For example there is support for 5Ghz wifi with the expansion back but the ESP32 on supports 2.4Ghz wifi as far as I know.

I read about a program called Robomaster Assistant, from DJI I think, for handling the update of the Expansion pack firmware but I don’t know where to get it or how to use it if I did.

In the Tello Talent User Guide I see this:

Updates Expansion Kit
Update the open-source controller firmware to the latest version using RoboMaster Assistant. How to update firmware:
a. Download and install the DJI Education Hub at
b. Launch RoboMaster Assistant.
c. Connect the open-source controller to the computer using a micro USB cable. Follow the instructions to update firmware.

That download URL does not resolve for me. I did locate the DJI Education Hub by other means but this is a HUGE download and has lots of content, most of this in Chinese. Also Windows only.

I don’t want to install something unless it has a path to success that someone can verify.

Checking to see if you ever resolved this issue. I just recently purchased TT drones and noticed the same thing. I haven’t updated the expansion pack yet.