Tello Fleet Shutdown

Hi Everybody!

We usually have a good number of drones running at any time and wanted a way to force them all to land.

So I made this python script!

Feel free to test it out yourselves. I hope to add Linux support and the ability to target a specific drone in the future.

Let me know of any bugs or improvements!

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Hey, that’s really cool.
How many drones would you say you have running at any time… on average?

We usually have anywhere from 4 - 8 depending on class and group size.

This code is still untested in the field so I’m not sure how it will perform with that many drones.

Running on my M1 Pro Mac the script can run through one drone in about six seconds but Windows seems to average a little over ten seconds.

If I were to guess, I think it has something to do with how each system deals with the initial network connection.

I’m hoping that in the field we will be able to land everything in under two minutes.

As listed above, adding Linux is my next task and then I’ll focus on targeting one drone and finish out with a GUI if there’s interest.

This is awesome @jleonard128! Can’t wait to test. Thanks for sharing.