Hello from Paoli, PA

I am new to Droneblocks, not to programming. Teaching is my second career. I have a degree in computer science and then recently became a high school math teacher. This year we added a computer class and I will be teaching block coding with the drones in a small high school for students with minor disabilities and it will be a semester course, not for the year.

I started programming the drones right away and had no issues, but looking for good resources to solve my problems and get suggestions on lessons. For example, when I run the program, the drone pauses between every step. Is there a way to reduce the pause? Is there a good resource to look these things up? Even a good resource for general lessons or projects.

My hope is that the kids enjoy it enough that next year I can do a full year Python course.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Welcome to the forums! We do have some free courses that you can access here:

There is a new math course that our colleague, Clinton Evans, put together and it’s really good. There is a preview lesson on this page:

Regarding your question about the delay between commands a lot of times this is a function of the environment you’re flying in. It could be that Tello has issues with recognizing patterns on your floor or even poor lighting. The more trouble it has the longer it can take between commands. And if the lighting is really poor then Tello won’t respond at all.

We do have a troubleshooting course that covers a lot of this.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress!