USB Hub for Battery Chargers

Does anyone have a recommendation for a USB block or power strip to charge the batteries? I have a number of the small three-pack USB hubs and am looking for a safe way to charge multiple packs of batteries.

I looked at some on Amazon, but some got bad reviews for overheating or catching fire. Certainly don’t want that to happen in school.


Ideally, if you want to use a hub make sure it’s one with external power and not just running off a computer. See the link below for an example.

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Awesome! Once again David, your support is so helpful! Thanks.

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Hi David,
I’m looking for 1-4 of these USB chargers to plug the Tello charging blocks into. I have 15 TELLO Robomaster drones and would like to also use them to charge LEGO Spike Prime batteries as well. Are there any chargers on Amazon that you would recommend that can safely handle that load?


Hi Ryan,

We have had success with this one…

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