Batttery Chargers

  1. What is the type of USB cable which connects the 3 battery Tello Drone charger to a USB port ( so I can order additional)?
  2. Any experience using this device?
  1. Any recommendations for devices that fast charge Tello Drone batteries?

Hi Michael,

  1. Micro USB Cable
  2. Those work great, but Iā€™m not sure you will see any fast charging.
  3. Some folks will use a powered USB hub or surge protector to run multiple chargers at the same time.

Hope this helps and please keep us posted on your progress.

Take care,

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On question #2, we have two of them. got oen from chia in January, and one on Amazon in June. They both work great we like the white color as compared with our others ones that are black. Black object seem to get last easily as they blend with dark backgrounds, and also in the dark. we fly swarm drones in dark area. Even in our astronomy field day camp overs, we use white tables, etc at night. They are easier to see in the dark. Also they are cooler in the sunlight. hope this helps.