Access Databot wifi from code (Arduino driver)

I’m doing some tests with the Arduino library for Databot,

I wonder if it’s possible to send data using the Databot wifi card to a remote server, with http client or amqp protocols, and if there are examples of code.

I didn’t find it in the examples of code.

Thanks in advance

We have no experience with that data system, but we are experimenting using sensors with the HC 05 module to send EKG data to the Arduino Uno R3 serial monitor and plotter. Seems to work easley, Good luck

Yes, the databot has an ESP32 as a master controller, so you can easily connect it to the internet via WiFi for sending sensor data via the HTTP GET-POST method.

At present we don’t have any examples for using the HTTP method but it’s very commonly used with ESP32 you will get a ton of ready-to-use example codes/tutorials.

In case you are still stuck let me know details of your Server details and HTTP request details will make an example for that.

And regarding amqp protocols, I have never used sounds good will do some search on that as well.

Thank You