Databot ESP32 Arduino board settings

I’ve forked the databot ESP32 code and would like to run some of the examples and build the databot firmware. Can you share the necessary settings to build and upload? Below are my current settings for working with the RoboMaster TT ESP32. Thanks in advance.

Here are the settings that we are using currently for the databot match them exactly.

Also, one more thing while developing the databot library the stable version of the Arduino ESP32 package was V1.0.6, so the current library will work perfectly with that version.
You need to change your ESP32 package version by navigating to this path in your system.

Download the 1.0.6 package from here.

We are currently modifying the library code to make it compatible with the latest 2.0.3 ESP32 package release. Soon it will be done will keep you updated.

Thanks Dharmik! I’ve been able to successfully build and upload the firmware. I may be posting some more questions soon regarding getting additional information from the IMU. I’d like to learn the process of exposing additional data over BLE.