Camera in Chrome Extension missing

Hi There,
In the android DroneBlock-App there is a Block for Camera.
In the Chrome Extension I miss this Block, when i activate “Tello Blocks”
do i make something wrong ?

Right now we don’t have camera access for Tello in the DroneBlocks Chrome App. Due to restrictions in the Chrome API we’re not going to be able to provide it there. But we are looking into a desktop version that will allow you to do this in the future.

I am looking at using the Tello drones in school next year but students have PC laptops. Is there a drone blocks desktop version coming soon? I have looked at the chrome extension, but the lack of camera view is a shame.

Janine, thanks for reaching out and explaining your situation. The good news is we’re probably 4 weeks away from a desktop beta. We’ll share more details soon, but it will definitely have camera control as well as several new capabilities. Are you looking to introduce Tello drones in your classroom in Spring or Fall of next year? We’ll definitely have the desktop version ready by then.

Being in Australia we are hoping to start in late January at the start of our new school year. I have my fingers crossed for the Windows version.

Is there a desktop version available for Doneblocks?
In the next weeks, I am looking to get started with the tello in the classroom and would rather use Droneblocks than scratch or NodeRed.
The Chrome extension is okay but lacks the camera view.

I am also wishing I could use the camera with chrome. I am interested in trying a desktop version when this becomes available.

@Janine and @gudorj I talked with the dev team yesterday and there will be an early, early beta of DroneBlocks desktop in mid February. I will post more info here when it’s available. Thanks for your patience.

That’s excellent news.
It looks like I will start with the Chrome extension and work from there until the windows version becomes available. Many thanks for the update.