Help needed (Chromebook)

Hi all, I am currently using DroneBlocks on a Chromebook and I have a few questions listed below:

  1. I was unable to retrieve the photos taken by the drone during flight. Where should I look to find the photos?

  2. Under the “Camera” tab, I’m unable to find the “Scan QR code” and “Detect Colour” blocks. Should those blocks be found under another category?

  3. I was also unable to find the block to command the drone to fly in a circle around a landing pad.

Looking forward to hearing from the experts in this group! :pray:t3:

The chrome extension will not connect with the camera. Eventually there will be a desktop/ laptop app that will.

If you use the new play store app for drone blocks, it stores the images in the Droneblocks folder:
Open Files App → Click Play Store → Images-> Drone Blocks Folder