Chromebook No Photos in Simulator

Some students are unable to retrieve photos the drone is taking in the simulator (Egypt) on their Chromebooks. Suggestions?

That’s not good! Can you confirm photos in the minimal sim environment? I’d like to understand if it’s a global issue or specifically related to the Egypt sim.

I am seeing the camera click, but no photos are being saved to the Droneblocks folder in the Minimal, City or Egypt environments (I tested those). They are not saving on PC’s, Windows laptop or Chromebooks. They were saving just fine before this week. I contacted Tech who told me they have made no firewall changes, but they will come to see me tomorrow to look into the issue further on this end.

Sorry for the confusion.

My correction: Today I retested the simulators (all of them) on PC’s and Chromebooks. In all EXCEPT FOR EGYPT photos are taken and downloaded to the task bar and Google Drive.

I was also troubleshooting a problem with photos on the Tello EDU. That problem was white (blank) photos being saved to Droneblocks folder. Our security did an update which blocked all my cameras. That is fixed.

So the photo block is just a Google/Egypt issue.

Thank you for any insight.

We just deployed a fix for the Egypt sim and you can find it here:

Several have tested and confirmed they can take photos in the Egypt environment. Thanks again for pointing this out and keep us posted!

That’s great!:+1:
Thank you for being so responsive! :grinning:

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