Drone freezing no photo unless refresh in all environments

Here’s the work around I posted for students:
“If you run a program in the Simulator that takes photos, the photos will only download the first time you run the program. Name & save the program. Refresh the browser to run the program again to have photos taken successfully a second time.”

The problem:
The program takes and downloads photos the first time. If a student makes an edit to the code and runs the program again, the photo image snaps, but does not download to the Chrome tray, and the drone freezes.

The Test:
I tested two different programs in Minimal, City, Mars, Himalayas and Egypt on PC’s (Windows 11), iMacs, and Chromebooks with consistent results.

Any suggestions?
Thanks! : )

Hey! Just a heads up, the DroneBlocks development team is actively looking into this issue and should hopefully have a resolution soon.

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Just FYI we released an update to all simulator environments today that fixes this issue. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for your patience!

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AWESOME! Thank you for the fix and your responsiveness in this forum. : )

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Now my tello is not programmable neither in python nor in DroneBlocks! Because? Is it necessary to update it? I bought another new Tello dji Boost Combo, it also doesn’t work for me; Is it a manufacturer or update problem?
I hope your answer! Thank you