Controlling individual drones in swarm

How Do Control individual drones in swarm using the djitellopy library.

I seen this command: swarm.sequential(lambda i, tello: tello.move_forward(50))

What does lambda mean? And how do i select drone 2 for example?

Basically lambda in this scenario allows you to execute the tello.move_forward command for each item in the list of Tellos. Take a look a this:

The list of Tellos you provided in the swarm config (by IP address in the Python script or external file) will be enumerated and the function move_forward will be called on each of them.

You could write a helper method in the script that accesses a specific item (aka drone) in the list and then calls whatever command you want from the DJITelloPy library. See here:

That list is populated in this example:

There are several ways to access items in the list. For the first item it would be something like self.tellos[0] or you could even look up by IP. This thread talks about different ways to access items in Python lists:

Keep us posted on your Tello swarming adventures.