Swarming Drones

Hi all

I will be putting all my videos into my YouTube channel.

If you want to see how to swarm and use mobile phones to code on please see videos.


Thanks for sharing. We will have some additional swarming content coming soon and hope to introduce this in our new simulator.

I do have a question that I’d like to get some feedback on. We previously put together a Chrome Extension build for a user that wanted to access Tello EDU in AP mode. That way he could have multiple ChromeBooks controlling Tello EDUs through an access point. I’m still trying to get my head around the ideal swarm scenario…

  1. The first scenario is a single DroneBlocks instance controlling multiple drones. The limitation to this approach is that the every drone does the exact same thing. It’s essentially one user controlling multiple drones.

  2. The second scenario is more like the one I mentioned earlier where DroneBlocks is configured to access a single drone through the access point. So you have many users controlling many drones (1 user/drone).

There are obviously other configurations but these are the most common with Tello EDU.


Option 1 is good for the wow factor but like you say does not achieve much.

Option 2 is something I would do and brings me to my next phase of testing. I like the idea of 1 person 1 drone instead of trying to connect via phone. This means that it opens up class lessons.

The next step I am looking at is lets take this to the next level. Connect the AP to the internet. Then potentially we could have kids connect to the drone via the ap while sitting in another country. This will be the big game changer now that remote learning will be key.

Thinking on how kids would do this thinking have a virtual terminal console where they access the AP and drone. Then have drone blocks accessing the drones via this virtual console.

Could we have a version of drone blocks which can switch between the drag and drop to python with a click of a button and revert back without affecting any code. This would be brilliant as we could do away with 3rd party python software. The best one I have found is Thonny very light and easy to use.

Sorry for long brain dump

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