DJI Tello Discontinuation / New Crazyflie Micro Drones

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There has recently been a ton of discussion on the group and other forums regarding the discontinuation of the Tello drone from DJI. I’d like to remind everyone in the community that DroneBlocks remains dedicated to supporting all models of the DJI Tello series drones, and we will do so for the foreseeable future. You can read more about this initiative here ( ). Tellos are also still available to purchase through DroneBlocks; however, I would not recommend this to anyone starting a NEW drone program.

The looming discontinuation of the Tello has been on our radar since late 2022. Since then, the DroneBlocks team has spent countless hours evaluating and comparing drone platforms that would be suitable replacements for the Tello. It’s apparent that, at this point, there will never be a drone that can reach the same level of functionality as the Tello at the price point it did. However, we did identify another micro-drone at a similar price point when purchasing classroom kits that can outperform Tello. These new micro-drones have been used at the collegiate level for several years and have been upgraded over time. DroneBlocks has taken the initiative to introduce this drone to the K-12 space, making it easy to use with our app, simulation, and curriculum. You can learn more about this drone here ( Programming a Drone: A Learning Adventure | DroneBlocks )

DroneBlocks exists to simplify the process for teachers when selecting drones for classroom use. We identify the finest hardware on the market, enhance it with DroneBlocks technology, and provide a comprehensive coding and simulation platform. This is complemented by extensive curriculum content, ensuring a seamless educational experience.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the DroneBlocks team anytime, either through this group or at

Dave @DroneBlocks

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