DJI Tello Alternative / Replacement

Hi Everyone,

By now everyone has heard the recent news about DJI ending its education line which includes the Tello drones. We as DroneBlocks must reinforce that we have every intention of keeping the Tellos alive and well through our app, curriculum, and simulator for the foreseeable future. It’s also important to note that DroneBlocks remains fully stocked on Tello drones for any schools that need replacements to keep their programs running.

Going forward DroneBlocks has joined forces with an innovative Swedish company to introduce a research-grade micro drone tailored specifically for K-12 education. This collaboration aims to fill the void left by the now-discontinued DJI Tello Drone, providing students with an unparalleled opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technology.

For those looking to move in size, DroneBlocks has been hard at work for the last year now designing and creating our own STEM drone kit. This drone will be nothing like the K12 or drone market has ever seen before. It will be a completely open-source kit that students can build from the ground up, program, code, and fly. What makes this drone unique is that fact that will able to hold a precise position and be able to fly autonomously indoors as well as have the option for an added GPS for outdoor uses. Meet DEXI-5 … Drone for Exploration & Innovation. This drone will be available for purchase in April 2024, click here to learn more and join the waitlist.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our team any time via email at ( ), we’re happy to help.

Dave @ DroneBlocks

are you guys making prop guards for the new “tello replacements”

I have one of these printing right now:

and am going to try this next:

Will report back with any findings. Here is a 3D print for Crazyradio:

amazing! keep me posted.

we surround our course with lacrosse nets ( so the guards really help prevent tangling.

even for the Tellos, we switched to the fully enclosed guards, and our propellor replacements went down by the dozens. even preventing nicks on them is super helpful in keeping them stable.


@adam we’ve created a new forum category for Crazyflie here:

We’ll post some updates regarding prop guards there soon. Thanks.