G'day from South Australia

I am a retired educator, advisor, IT manager who has a passion for all things technology. In fact my wife shudders each time I come home with a suspicious looking box under my arm!

I first took a computer into my classroom back in 1974 and have been involved in technology and education in one way or another ever since. But, I’ve only just discovered Tello drones and this community and I am just fascinated with the possibilities for lighting fires in kids minds!

In fact I am going to go back to the school I last taught at (where in introduced Scratch to the primary teachers) and see what I can do to raise the profile of Droneblocks.

Welcome! Glad to have you here and thanks for sharing a bit of your background. We’re excited that you’re willing to invest time and resources into DroneBlocks. We’re here to support you! One thing you may want to give a try is our Desktop beta:

We also have a new course in the works that will show out to program the Tello Talent Expansion module that has an ESP32 microcontroller inside. Lots of exciting drone programming resources to come!

Take care.

I’m guessing there is a technical reason for the absence of video control in DroneBlocks?

We had it working at one point, but didn’t release it due to memory constraints. It was causing lag on the user’s device and we decided not to release it. What hardware are you using? Perhaps we can get you on a beta to test.

I am currently using my iPad mini 4 running 15.4.1 and would be happy to test for you.


@Biggles-downunder maybe you’d be willing to test this new feature we rolled out?

Let us know how it goes!