Download executables to GO1

Is it possible to download an executable program to the GO1 and then invoke that program with a bluetooth command from a handheld device? For example, write a program in C/C++ and compile it into an executable. Then download that executable to the GO1 either through a serial port or maybe even wirelessly. Then take the GO1 outside where there is no wifi and command the GO1 to execute the downloaded program through some sort of communication device.

That seems very doable. Here is a code example of detecting the remote’s button:

So you could technically invoke your script or have a listener in your script to invoke a function on button press. Do you have a test program? I’d like to help you get this working!

Thanks for your response! I wasn’t sure if it was possible to download executable code into the GO1, but you seem to be confirming it is. I’ll need to learn how to do that. I’ve been experimenting with the databot device and its gesture detecting capabilities. I thought it might be possible to use the databot to detect a hand gesture (may the Force be with you….) and then have the databot send a serial signal to the GO1 to initiate an embedded command associated with that specific gesture. I’m still in the feasibility phase of this project and have a lot to learn about its various components. Thanks for your willingness to assist.

I was thinking that UDP was a communication protocol used with wireless internet. Is it also employed in the GO1’s Bluetooth communications? In your example code for button press detection using udprcv and udpsend, is the button being depressed on a computer keyboard (communicated via wifi), or the GO1’s hand held remote control device utilizing Bluetooth communications? I will not have access to the internet in my application (except during design and development). Thanks.