Programmable versions Go1 and Go2

I’m checking which version to purchase of the Go1 or Go2, but I can’t find much information about the programming of these devices. Can I send speed commands (Python, Mqtt, ROS, Socket, etc…) for which versions?

Hi Marco, and welcome to the DroneBlocks community!

We (my school) purchased the Go1 as soon as it was available and have been struggling to find the limits of the machine. The key ingredient is going to be making sure you get the API versions built in that you need. I don’t know much about the GO2 but I know that ONLY the educational version of the GO1 has the Python and JavaScript APIs. I believe all of them can be programmed with the ROS interface.

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Hi @Marco,

Using the Go1 EDU you can send high-level commands using MQTT. Python and ROS can be used for low-level commands. We don’t have the full scope of capabilities yet for the Go2 EDU other than MQTT most likely won’t be available. We expect to have our first Go2 EDU this week to begin testing and should have stock ready to ship in the next 6 weeks.


Thanks for the answers.

My question is whether I need to buy the EDU version to program the robots with ROS.

The Go1 pro, on this page, has several tutorials and videos showing that it is possible to program it with both ROS and MQTT. The go2 pro version has nothing.

I contacted unitree, and they informed me that only the Edu version of both is programmable, but its value is much higher.

I believe that the best option, given the amount of material on the internet, is the Go1 pro.


The Go1 Pro has been discontinued. I’d recommend going with the Go2 EDU.