Droneblocks Chrome Extension -> PWA

We currently utilize The Droneblocks Chrome Extension for use with the Tello drone. We have been notified that Chrome Extension support will sunset in December 2022. I know that a Windows version of Droneblock is in Beta, but we are looking for support on Mac computers as well as with ChromeOS after Jan 2025.

Can you share any plans regarding a PWA implementation of Droneblocks?

Thank you for reaching out. As of January 2023, Google will no longer be supporting Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This includes the DroneBlocks Chrome App Extension. Until January 2023 the DroneBlocks Chrome App will remain functional but will prompt on launch regarding the end of support. The DroneBlocks Chrome Extension will still function on ChromeOS, we do however recommend transitioning to DroneBlocks App on the Google Play Store.

The DroneBlocks team has been actively developing a new DroneBlocks App that will be compatible with both Windows and Mac. The new DroneBlocks App for Windows and Mac is currently in beta, if you are interested in testing the latest version of the beta can be downloaded here. Please post any feedback or questions on the DroneBlocks Community Forum as that will go directly to the development team.

Please feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions and have a great day!

Hi David, we would love to implement a PWA version of DroneBlocks. That would make our lives so much easier. The problem we have is that due to Tello requiring wifi connectivity this leaves us with having to develop desktop and mobile apps. Please stay tuned as the desktop app will be coming out of beta in the next month or two and be stable for both Windows and Mac.

I think this makes good sense, except it does not address students using Chromebooks. Maybe they have access to Google Play and can install Android apps, but maybe not.

Right. If you have any other ideas on how to get an app onto a ChromeBook we are all ears. The preferred method is obviously an Android-based app, which we currently have. But we understand that there are restrictions in many districts that prevent students from downloading apps. We do have districts where DroneBlocks is approved by the IT dept so maybe that’s a route we could take.

Has there been any indication of whether access to the new apps will be free? Our school currently uses the chrome extension and are concerned about how useful our drones and teaching program will be when our school year starts at the end of January.

Hi Scott, we are not changing our model with the new DroneBlocks Desktoop app. Just like our existing ones they will definitely be free to download and use. If you have any other questions please let us know. We will be working to get it published in the Windows and Mac stores later this year.