Free Used Tello Drone - will ship anywhere in the US

I’m doing some Fall cleaning in my garage and have this Tello that I’d like to ship to someone that has a need for it. I just did a successful test flight with the DroneBlocks Desktop app and it’s working well. I only request that you cover the shipping cost. Send me a PM and we can sort out the shipping cost. Below is a screenshot of the code I just tested as well as a photo of Tello executing the mission.

Just FYI Tello battery not included!

Hi Dennis,
I would love to have the Tello EDU drone and pay the shipping for it. This could replace one of the two drones that was flying erratically this year and we couldn’t figure out why.
Thank you.

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Hi Regina, thanks for following up! Please send me a PM with your address and we can determine the shipping. To send me a PM just click on my icon and then select the Message button.

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@ReginaN the Tello drone was shipped yesterday to your home address. You should see it by this weekend.

Awesome Dennis!! Thank you so much!! I will let you know when I receive it. How much do I owe you?

Don’t worry about it! Just put it to good use with DroneBlocks and hope your class enjoys it!

Thank you Dennis!! That is so very kind of you! I appreciate it!! My 5th graders will be so excited to code drones this year! Last year’s 5th graders loved it too! Happy to have another drone as two of my six were out of commission last year flying erratically. Have a great weekend!