Go 1 Obstacle Detection

Im using the obstacle Detection like this:
myRobot.on(“go1StateChange”, (state) => {

And it works just fine, but is there a way to increase how often it is updated per second. Like this the robot walks against the wall before he does even recognize there is one.
I already tried to change the publishFrequency from mqtt but it doesnt make a difference.

Thank you in advance!

Great question! We have not figured this out yet, but are looking into it. I was thinking of a simple function where there is an average of the last N readings to determine if it’s moving closer or further away from an object in each direction. I’m not sure if that will improve the situation but we’ll have to experiment some more. Ideally we could get a frequency of 10Hz or better. This may require modifying some of the scripts on Go1. Will share when we find something out.