GO 1 Pro - How to connect to DroneBlocks


I have a GO 1 Pro. Are there instructions for how to connect the desktop app (Mac) with the GO 1 Pro?


Hi, please watch this video and the process is similar for Mac:

  1. Open DroneBlocks and switch to Go1 in the menu

  2. Power up Go1

  3. Connect to Go1’s network

  4. After a few seconds you will see Go1’s camera and battery information in DroneBlocks. You’re now connected.

Let me know if you run into any problems.

I really appreciate your assistance, especially the video; it’s been extremely helpful. Your remarkable work on integrating the GO 1 Pro into DroneBlocks has changed the game for me. I had been regretting purchasing the Pro model instead of the EDU, mainly due to Unitree’s limited programming support. But now, with the capability to control the GO 1 Pro via DroneBlocks, you’ve significantly enhanced the value of my purchase. Thank you!

@Kamehana thanks so much for the kind words. We are looking forward to rolling out some updates for further Go1 compatibility in the near future.