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  1. Will Go2 Pro be supported by DroneBlocks UI code environment?
  2. What are the pros / cons of things supported / unsupported by Pro vs Edu models? I’m thinking to buy the Go2 Pro but want to understand coding feature limits before I buy? I’m just a hobbyist, wanting to tinker with it and Edu is too expensive to justify price. So I want to see what all I can do with the Pro models.
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Hi @instantcredibility,

Based on our current understanding of the SDK and available protocols on the upcoming Go2, the DroneBlocks Windows/Mac App should be able to support the robot shortly after launch. This may or may not be limited to the EDU, unfortunately, we just don’t have enough information at this time.

DroneBlocks will not support the Go2 Pro from a curriculum perspective and we will be focusing on the EDU model. As with previous models, the Pro version will be extremely limited as it relates to programming and autonomy. The EDU will also have a much stronger and faster onboard computer that can be used in conjunction with cameras and the Lidar systems for more efficient processing.

Dave @ DroneBlocks

So for someone that is playing around with robotics, it’s probably not worth buying the Go1 or Go2 Pro models correct? It appears based on your response and other research I’ve done, the Pro model is simply an expensive toy and the real abilities (programmatically) are only available on EDU.

Any thoughts on the PuppyPi? It’s not as “cool” as the Unitree but apparently has much more programmatic ability.

Thanks for the response.

The Go1 Pro is actually compatible with the DroneBlocks app on Windows/Mac. It’s also possible to use our Node-JS package the program the Go1 Pro as well. Both of these are taking advantage of high-level control only. Aside from the hardware differences, the Go1 Pro essentially lacks the programming APIs for low-level control. As far as the Go2 Pro, we have very little information and we are still waiting for our demonstration units.

We have never evaluated PuppyPi but it definitely seems like a neat budget-friendly project. I would definitely put PuppyPi in more of a toy category because, at the end of the day, the Go1 Pro is still a robust robot that can carry payloads, run, jump, walk upstairs, etc.

Hope this helps!

What “high level” program function can we accomplish with the Pro? Again, thank you for your help so far!

Check out this YouTube video here from DroneBlocks that covers the Programming Unitree Go1 with JavaScript: go1-js NPM Package.

I would also recommend downloading the DroneBlocks app for Windows from the Microsoft Store to see what “blocks” are available within the app.