Go1 Edu Connecting Nano 1 to External Internet

I am trying to install some voice recognition packages onto the Head Nvidia Jetson Nano, but there doesn’t seem to be an intuitive way to connect it to any sort of internet. It’s the only board of the 4 that doesn’t have an external USB connection, as seen in the image below, so a USB to ethernet adapter is out of the question.

I’ve tried doing some creative port forwarding using the Raspberry Pi but I’m not knowledgeable enough to get that route to work. Has anyone else tried this and found a solution for it/have any ideas?

For reference, I’m talking about the board labeled “Nano 1” in the below image:

Hi, did you find any solution to that? I really appreciate it if you can provide some hints.

Bumping for visibility. We’re also in a similar position getting OpenCV installed, and we can’t seem to access the WAN anywhere.

I have not thought of a clean and easy way to do this but if you’ve seen Gabe’s course he demonstrates using VSCode to copy files over to the Head Nano:

What you could do is use the approach in this answer to download the packages to your desktop and then install over SSH:

Perhaps there’s some magic routing that can be done to bridge Nano 1 to the internet. Let me check with @ryan as he may have done something like this in the past.

@I.TeachPolarBears and @jlaut1096; I have asked the DroneBlocks developers to start working on a tutorial that will cover getting your robot to connect to an external network and ultimately the internet. I should hopefully have an update later this week or early next.

So is it safe to install OpenCV by copying the folder, and if so, to what directory should we copy it or do we use pip to install it?


The course "Using Computer Vision for Object and Face Detection with Go1 " seems to be closed currently. May I know when it will be opened next? I am interested to take a look at this video series.