Go1 Standing action: Roll over

I’m trying to roll over my dog with SDK. However I can’t find the instruction of roll over.
Other functions such as dance 1 and praying were easy to do, but I can’t find roll over command

Is there a way to roll over without joystick?

What SDK are you using? Have you tried the one we wrote called go1-js available on NPM?

I think the action you want is called “recoverStand” as documented here:

But I’m not 100% sure. If you can let me know what Go1 SDK you’re using and if you’d be willing to try the Go1-JS library then I can run a test with mine. We’ve tested all of the other movements, but the roll over is always a little bit scary. I’d recommend doing it on a cushioned floor as one time I did it on concrete and it was quite harsh!

Thank you.
I thought that was L2+X. I wanted L2+Y.
I will try it
I used the ofiicial SDK unitree_legged_sdk