Go1 with ROS2 humble


For a project I am using the Unitree Go1 Edu. Within this project I need to get Go1 to take autonomous measurements using ROS2 humble. I already read a lot about how to fix the errors when using ROS2, but I have one question.

When using ROS2 humble together with the Go1, do you need to update any of the internal Jetson Nano’s to Ubuntu 22.04 for ROS2 humble to work? Or is there another way to use Go1 together with ROS2 humble?

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You will want to use a ROS Bridge. See this five video series (You can skip the first two if you are already proficient in Linux and Python). I found it very helpful in learning how to bridge coding in ROS2 and running it on a ROS1 machine.

It would most likely be a colossally bad idea to update the OS on the Go1, as there is a whole lot going on in there.

Edit: Oh, and welcome to the Go1! It’s an amazing machine.