Hello from Cape Town, South Africa

Hello everyone!

I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I work for Inspire Africa. I have been flying, building and programming drones since 2015. I fly racing drones for fun, and commercial drones for a living. We at Inspire Africa are training South African school teachers to use DroneBlocks in the classroom, and we’ve had amazing feedback from the educators!

Matthew Brooks


Matt, thanks for joining the community. Am curious what is your go to racing drone? I do bunch of FPV freestyle with 5" rotors. I just got a couple of Beta95x drones to fly around the backyard. I’m quite impressed with their performance for such a small airframe.

Hi Dennis. Currently we are using the Beta75X in our micro league, and they rock in a small area. My personal drone is a Ummagawd remix frame, 6S setup. Mainly use 5S though.

Nice. One of my first BetaFPV drones was the 65 series and I couldn’t believe that I could fly FPV with such a tiny frame. It would be amazing if they could do position hold and were programmable. We’d love to get DroneBlocks compatible with them.