Hello from Stockholm Sweden

Hey all

My name is Mats Bjornlund (MatsStureby) and i live in Sweden, so please excuse my bad english.

My background is that I have been flying for almost 15 years, initially only helicopters. Then I thought I had to try quadrocopters. So for the moment I fly DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and of course my dear helicopters, 600-class and 200-class.

But my grandchildren are also very interested in this, so I bought a Tello, mostly because I was attracted by the fact that it was programmable via DroneBlocks, I have a background as a programmer.

Now I’ve bought two Tellons for my grandchildren, so we’ll see how this ends.

Excuse my long introduction, but I really enjoy Tellon and programming new things almost every day.

Thanks to Dennis Baldwin for the introduction to Tello Drone programming.

Hi Mats,

Thank you for the kind words. I hope your Tello programming is going well. Also, it’s very cool that you are from Sweden as we have a partnership with a company from Malmo. They are called Bitcraze and have a tiny little drone that is programmable. We’ve added DroneBlocks support and will be selling kits soon. You can learn more about it here:

It’s also programmable in Python and we’ll have some more advanced content in the near future. Take care.

Hi Dennis

Thanks for your respond, my coding going quite well, but do remember that i am in the learning phase.
But i have a about 15 different missions now that works ok.
The problem now is the weather here, it is about -10 celsius outside and 30 centimeter of snow.

I will look in to the information that you sent me.

Thanks again