Hello from a Small Town in Ohio

I am a chemistry/physics teacher at a K-12 school in Ohio. I wrote a grant proposal a couple of years ago to get the STEAM Drones Curriculum. Last year I taught a semester on programming and drones and really enjoyed it. This year I’m teaching it again and feel more confident about it - till I decided to try the Droneblocks with Camera Control through Python just recently. Turns out our locked down Windows network just doesn’t work with that curriculum. Alas! (Always frustrating when it works just fine for you, but doesn’t work for the students because they don’t have the same computer rights as you do!)

No matter, tomorrow we’re going to install Anaconda and I’ll teach the kids the Python stuff that we did successfully last year. And hopefully next year when I teach the course again, the Chrome version of Droneblocks will have camera control. Woo!

When I’m not teaching chemistry/physics/drones/robotics, I love reading, walking in our many local nature reserves and bike paths, and hanging out with my two old kitties (they’re 14.5 years old now). You can find me on Instagram as pagefillers where I post lots of photos of my nature walks, my cats, and coming in December, the 2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar items.


Welcome, Trina! It’s been fun to see you and your students’ progress over the past year. We’re really excited to hear about all that you’re doing. This is great feedback and helps us think through the best plan for making DroneBlocks curriculum more accessible. DroneBlocks Chrome access to the camera would be amazing. We are definitely looking into this…and at this point in time we are wrapping up a “Functions” category. Will share more on that later. Glad to have you in the forum and excited about seeing where you end up. Take care.