How to backup all the computers of Unitree Go1 EDU Quadruped "Robo-Dog"?

Hi all.

Does anyone know how I can backup all the contents of Jetsons Nano and Raspberry Pi of Go1 EDU?
Do I need to dissasembly my robot? (I don’t want to) Or maybe I have follow these steps How to backup and restore whole emmc of my jetson nano based board? - Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums, but what with Raspberry Pi then - something like this How to Backup your Raspberry Pi SD Card - Pi My Life Up?

I want to backup the state of the computers before I start making some changes inside them (like changing camera / LiDAR configurations). Also, I wanted to preserve the current state (“facroty default”) of the robot before doing the software update - in case this update will break things. The ability to roll back changes is always good to have.

By the way, I need help because I don’t understand what Unitree meant. I’m wondering if I need to do an update at all. I read this instruction: Download Center - Unitree and it says:

Read hardware version using mobile app. (<-- Good, the app is saying 0.1.9).
Check the surface of the power port on the right side of the robot body. If the color is black, the hardware version is H0.1.7. If the color is green or blue, the hardware version is H0.1.9. (<-- My color is black, so that means that my HV is H0.1.7?)

My Go1 versions are:

Hardware: 0.1.9
Sport Mode: 0.1.40
Firmware: 0.1.48

Do I need to perform an update?