Unitree go1 robot stabilization

Hello, the stabilization mode stopped working at work when you push it, it falls. How to fix or roll back to factory settings?

I’m assuming you made a bunch of changes to the startup scripts on the Go1? At one point we had some documentation for going back to factory settings, but I need to see if I can dig those up. Will let you know what I find.

Hello Sir,This is Unitree Support.
The robot has stopped working this could be a problem with the robot hardware or you may have modified the robot’s startup items yourself, we need to diagnose it.
This is a software to read the main control board data and the documentation, you can check the data before and after the robot falls down.
You can send screenshots to me at support@unitree.cc. If you still have problems, I can provide you with the image of the robot Raspberry Pi, and then you can restore the robot’s system by yourselves.


Hello.Can you give an image for raspberry pi and instructions for reinstalling? I also changed and installed my files on 13,14,15 microcomputers, is it possible to reinstall the image on them too?

Also, the cameras and ultrasonics are no longer in autorun

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Hello. Can you please give the image for raspberry pi from unitree go1 and instructions for reinstalling the image

This is the raspberry pi’s image

I remembered that the stabilization became worse after downloading the firmware from the official website to the robot. You have the firmware version on your website Go1_2022_05_11_e0d0e617.zip is it the latest for go1 edu?

This is a software upgrade, or an upgrade package upgrade.
Are you saying that the robot is not working after this upgrade?

you have one Upgrade Package on your site, I downloaded it to the robot as firmware and package

If the firmware is updated, it is not easy to solve. Please contact my email: support@unitree.cc to solve this problem. You may need to replace the hardware