New Features to be added

Hello everyone,

It would be nice to have these new features implemented in the upcoming upgrade of Droneblocks:

  1. Functions
  2. If else
  3. Sensors information like altitude, battery level, etc

Thanks for this great tool!


Hi Hassan, #1 is going to be quite the challenge but let us think on it some more. Regarding #2 we do have if/else currently in the app under the “Logic” category. Let me know if you’re not able to see/use those. Lastly, #3 is a great idea and something we have been prototyping behind the scenes. Can you give me some examples of sensor info that you’d like to retrieve? What specifically would you like to do with it? Here is an example that I put together a while back where the code checks the battery level and it if it’s below 20%, Tello will land. Once again, this is currently a prototype and we still have some work to bring it to life.

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 2.52.19 PM

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#1 From programming point of view, I think functions is one of the fundamental concepts should be taught to our students. That is why I think it will be good to have it in general
#2 yes, you are right. It is there.
#3 i think battery level,temperature is fine but I think we should add at least speed and altitude from sensors.

Thanks for your reply

Couldn’t agree with you more re #1. Let me talk with the team and get back to you.

Do you have access to the DroneBlocks Chrome App? If we were able to get you a build for our Chrome App with “Functions” enabled would you be able to do some light testing? Here is a screenshot:

Yes I can test it. Is it online or you will send me a beta version?

We’re hoping to post it this evening. I will share more info when ready. I think we’re close! Appreciate you motivating us to get it released :slight_smile:

DroneBlocks 3.0 for Chrome now has functions:

We’ll be working on a course to cover them in more detail, but hopefully you can mess around with them and give us some feedback! Thanks for the suggestions.

For sure, I will try it and give you the feedback. Thanks for The feature

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I was thinking of doing a Dance topic with students they could write functions for certain dance moves which they repeat at different times during the song.


That’s a really cool idea! Just FYI you can share those with the community when your students create them. We’d love to see them. It’s easiest to share via desktop. Here is an example of one I created that converts feet to inches. So you can fly forward 5 feet as an example. We are working on a functions course and will be releasing it soon.

Feet to Inches Function

Thanks Dennis I will. It will be after Christmas when I set the drones loose on the students.

Ha! Or you could rephrase that last statement as “let the students loose on the drones.” Either way we’ll be excited to see what comes of it. Keep us posted!

Hello, I was wondering if there is any news on the sensor reading topic? I am new to Droneblocks, and own a ‘standard’ Ryze Tello. I would love to use the onboard sensors values in coding, but so far I have only seen it for the Tello Talent.

Hi Eric, we are getting close to releasing a desktop version that will have access to sensor data. What type of computer are you using? We’ll initially be rolling this out for Windows and Mac.

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That is great news! I mainly use a windows 10 laptop.

Sensor support in the mobile versions would also be very much appreciated, because I mainly fly the Tello outdoors.

Absolutely. We want to get the desktop version out, get feedback, and then roll sensor support to mobile. Doing it on desktop allows us to more quickly iterate while in beta. Thanks for the feedback and your willingness to help test.

Is there an update in having sensor blocks available?