Window Software updates

Hello, How are you letting people know about the new updates that will allow us to aboot mission and save our code? Thank you for the software

Hi! We will post in the news category when there’s a new beta. We have one coming out later this week! I’ll respond to this post too just so you’re aware. But keep an eye here for updates:

Thanks for helping us test!

Here is an update :slight_smile: DroneBlocks Desktop 0.1.6 for Win and Mac with Mission Tabs and Storage

Good Evening,

I am using a tello drone to teach in my program. I see a notice that droneblocks will not open after December in windows chrome. I am using the 8.0 beta software for you all, but when the mission fails or if I use the abort the program will not run from the beginning or may not run at all.

Thank you

We are working to get DroneBlocks published in the Windows Store. This version will have a fix for the abort mission issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll post when it goes live!

Thank you for your response